Footage from my performance over the weekend with Yung B Da Producer here in Atlanta. A very studious crowd, I must say. But I worked through it and put on an energetic show, nonetheless! Enjoy the video & tell a friend about DISTINCTION dropping on July 1st. God bless y’all.

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J.Nolan x Yung B Da Producer - “The Upbringing LP”


This ranks as one of the tuffest projects I’ve heard all year. No bias in me saying so, let the music speak for itself. J.Nolan & Yung B Da Producer make a dynamic duo that hasn’t been seen since Nas & AZ, the main difference between the two is that I leave with a sense of perseverance & hope after listening to the Upbringing. Having grown up in similar conditions and sharing similar aspirations, it’s great for me to see more young artists shine bright through the murkiness of the music world.

More often than ever hip hop aficionados/bloggers/publications seek to don lyrical artists as “conscious” or the succession of artists from the golden age. This project is NOT for them. If you are looking for Midnight Marauders, The Score, Can I Borrow A Dollar, etc. This is NOT for you. These fellows aren’t taking you back, they are catching you up to speed on the movement that’s about to manifest. (see what I did there?). 

If you do not purchase/promote this album for/to people who enjoy Hip Hop, do not complain about the state of Hip Hop, because this is that real. Listen at the jump…